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Blackpool struggling to sell Wembley allocation after fan boycott


Blackpool struggling to sell Wembley allocation after fan boycott

Blackpool struggling to sell Wembley allocation after fan boycott

Blackpool fans are snubbing their club’s trip to Wembley next week in protest against the ownership of the infamous Karl Oyston.

The Tangerines dramatically beat Luton Town in the League Two play-off semi-final last weekend, with a last minute own goal helping them secure their place in the Wembley final on May 28.

But early reports indicate that the club are struggling to sell their initial allocation, with only 2,000 tickets having been sold so far.

The fans are choosing to stay away in protest against the ownership of Karl Oyston, who took over the club in 1999 and led them to the Premier League for the first time in 2010.

But things went downhill after that, with majority investor Valeri Belokon frozen out of day-to-day activities, and the club were relegated after just one season in the top tier.

Many fans believe Oyston has sucking the club dry of their assets for his own benefit ever since, and the club are in financial turmoil as a result.

When the club were promoted to the Premier League they were handed an £80million windfall, of which Oyston gave £11million to his father, £26million to Oyston-owned companies, and purchased land, owned by the club, behind the stadium for £650,000, which was then sold back to the club for £6.5million after a lease for a Travelodge had been secured.

Upon relegation, Blackpool lost high-profile players due to unreasonable wage-cut demands from the owner, and Oyston continues to deal predominantly in free agent signings, rather than spending money on player acquisitions, which had resulted in their relegation to League Two by 2016.

And now, with the side reaching Sunday’s play-off final, fans online are urging fellow supporters not to travel to the game in a stance against lining Oyston’s pockets with their hard-earned cash.

The Twitter account, Tangerine Knights, leads the protest against the controversial owner, with the account urging its 4,500+ followers to follow suit and boycott the match.

It would be quite a sight to see just 2,000 Blackpool fans at Wembley, particularly in contrast with the Exeter fans, who are expected to sell their initial allocation.

What do you think? Do you believe the fans should stay away in protest against Oyston? Or do you think they should go and support the team in the final? Let us know your thoughts below.

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